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SHARP Image Gallery - Photo Detail

The photograph is taken from the top of the basement stairwell looking downwards. The walls of the stairwell are white and bare. The steps leading down to the basement are a light wooden color and covered on the ends with black slip-resistant abrasive strips. The railings attached to both sides of the stairwell are light brown and wooden poles. They angle downwards, running parallel alongside the stairs. The railings are attached to the walls with golden metal attachments which have been drilled into the walls. On the bottom of the stairwell, a small portion of the basement is visible. Two small brown throw-rugs are lying just beyond the stairs, angled in different directions. A "Dole" banana crate with various objects in front of it and on the right side of it, is also visible. Some of the objects near the crate include a drill, various tools, some cloths, a paint can and some wooden paint sticks.

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