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Dynamic Display of Rehabilitation Technology (RT) Data from the Annual RSA-911 National Vocational Rehabilitation Report

Dynamic Graphs

This dynamic graphing system has been created to allow users to quickly generate graphs of portions of the rehabilitation technology (RT) related data from the RSA-911 data for fiscal years (FY) 1997 through 2004. The RSA-911 Case Service Report is an expansive data set that is assembled each year by the RSA from data sets that each state and territory is required to submit each fiscal year. It is a general vocational rehabilitation data set based on case closures that occurred during that year; RT is just one of many variables in this data set.

This dynamic graphing system will ask you to select the data to graph, states to include (if appropriate), and the file format you prefer. The data is then pulled from our data set of analyzed RSA-911 data to be displayed both in graphical and tables format. We hope that you enjoy exploring the RT data in the RSA-911 and comparing differences in the data between states and over time.

Additional Information


We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following groups and individuals for their support, feedback, and efforts they have given to this project.