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Instrument Title Author(s) Year Version Main Category Publisher
ASNAT: Assessing Student Needs for Assistive Technology 3rd edition  Penny Reed,  2004  4th edition  SCH  Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative 
Assessment for Assistive Technology  Assistive Technology Education Network  1996    SCH  Assistive Technology Education Network 
Assisitve Technolgy Screener - Revised  Judd- Wall  2000    SCH  Technology & Inclusion 
Assistive Technology Assessment  Nancy E. Schuster  2002    SCH  Journal of Special Education Technology. 17(1), 39-46. 
Assistive Technology Protocol for Transition Planning  Noll, Schwartz & Canfield  1999    SCH  CESA #11 (Wisconsin) 
Assistive Technology: Creating a Pathway  Iowa Area Educational Agency Assistive Technology Liaisons  1998    SCH  Iowa Departement of Education 
Education Tech Points: A Framework for Assistive Technology Planning  Gayl Bowser, Penny Reed  1998    SCH  Coalition for Assistive Technology in Oregon 
FEAT: Functional Evaluation for Assistive Technology  Marshall Raskind & Brian Bryant  2002    SCH  Psycho-Educational Services 
Has Technology Been Considered?  Toni Chambers  1997    SCH  CASE/TAM Assistive Technology Policy & Practice Group 
Hey Can I Try That? A Student Handbook for Choosing and Using Assistive Technology  Gayl Bowser, Penny Reed  2001    SCH  Bowser and Reed 
Learning Media Assessment of Students with Visual Impairments  Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired  1995    SCH  Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired 
PATINS: Partnership for Assistive Technology with Indiana Schools  Vicki Hershman & Glenda Thompson      SCH  Indiana Department of Education 
SFA: AT School Function Assessment (AT Supplement)  Roger Smith, Michelle Silverman, Kristine Freiberg Stratman  2003    SCH  University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Stages: Software Solutions for Special Needs  Madalaine Pugliese  2002    SCH  Assistive Technology Inc. 
Student Technology Consultation Referal Form  Technology Resources for Education (TRE) Center  2003    SCH  Technology Resources for Education (TRE) Center 
University of Kentucky Assistive Technology (UKAT) Project  The development was led by: Elizabeth A. Lahm, Jennifer K. Bell, & A. Edward Blackhurst. There were many other contributors of the project.  2002    SCH  University of Kentucky 
Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative- The W.A.T.I. Assessment Package  Lynch & Reed  2004    SCH  Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative 

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