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Welcome to the Informational Database of Assistive Technology Assessments (ID-AT-Assessments). Here you will find dozens of assistive technology assessments and outcome measurement tools, which have been collected by the ATOMS Project at the R2D2 Center. Its purpose is to provide a guide for practioners of AT in the selection of the best measures for their clinical situation. The R2D2 Center does not view this list as complete, nor does it consider the categorization system as definitive. This website allows for submission of nominations for additional instruments and feedback regarding the instruments currently contained in the database.

For more information on the original creation of this resource, please read the technical report entitled Assistive Technology Instrument Update and Review


The following definitions are for the "Purposes of Assessment Measures" category.

The use of an instrument to briefly identify if any deficits exist that may be remedied by assistive technology and provide enough information to proceed with more in-depth evaluation.
Instrument directs you to appropriate services or tech needs without being device specific.
Comprehensive assessment
Instrument contributes to overall understanding of problems to identify needs.
Matching person & technology
Instrument lists needs and compares them to device characteristics leading to specific AT recommendations.
Instrument provides specific vendor and purchase information.
Instrument provides practical suggestions/concrete measures/goals.
Instrument facilitates periodic check-ups of the AT system and how the system is still fulfilling the purpose.
Instrument has the potential to document changes in components that contribute to skilled performance. For example, counts the number of words when using an AAC device, or documents change of size of a skin ulcer.
Instrument identifies levels of overall performance, participation in community, or quality of life.

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We are interested in adding additional AT assessments to our database. If you are aware of an assessment related to assistive technology and would like to see it posted to this site, we encourage you to nominate it.

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