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Figure 6: FOD Scale

FOD Scale

Figure 6 represents the Factor of Discontinuance (FOD) Scale.  This is an objective scale that is calculated by taking the mean of all of the discontinuance factors a person indicates.  Each factor is issued a number depending on the type of discontinuance.  For example, each positive factor equals one, each negative factor is issued a negative one, and each factor belonging to the other category is issued a zero.

The image displays a formula indicating the mean FOD Score.  The numerator consists of the sum of positive factors plus the sum of negative factors, which are divided by the total number of identified factors (denominator).  This equals the mean FOD score.  Please note that those factors belonging to the “other” category are dropped out of the equation due to their value of zero, thus they were not included in the formula.

Return to Figure 6 in the "Discontinuance" report