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Figure 1: Device Discontinuance Factors and Relationships

Device discontinuance model

Figure 1 is a hierarchical model displaying various reasons why people discontinue their devices, as indicated by previous literature.  At the top of the model is a diamond representing “Device Discontinuance.”  From this, emerges eleven different categories of reasons for discontinuance arranged in three lines.  Those that are closer in vicinity to the device discontinuance diamond, indicate the more commonly mentioned themes discussed throughout the literature.

The first line consists of two derivative factors which are labeled as “AT Device Characteristics” and “AT Service Provision.”  The second line contains five categories labeled as follows: 1) social aspects, 2) personal factors, 3) health status, 4) economic factors, and 5) physical environment.  The last line includes the following four areas: 1) demographics, 2) equipment counter-effects, 3) alternative solutions, and 4) device loss.  (Each category is described in more detail within the text of this thesis.)

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